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QS' mission is to provide a lifetime of educational and career services to high-achievers. A fundamental part of this role is enabling recruiters to connect with graduates, young professionals, MBA's and alumni. Our extensive experience allows us to understand and analyse the needs of our clients, and best advise them on attracting, recruiting and developing internationally-focused talent. Our team of experts, products and events provide the platform for our clients to achieve their brand exposure, targeted marketing and 1-to-1 objectives.


QS' strength in dealing with its vast corporate partner base is its ability to advise, analyse and adapt to the individual marketing and recruitment needs of our clients. Our global scope combined with our local knowledge allows us to provide the platform for employers to meet and interact with their relevant candidates. 

Each year QS' products and events attract over 250,000 candidates from across the globe, and our technology and web platforms allow our clients easy access to this unique pool. Our clients have the critical need of attracting and retaining high-achieving individuals with leadership potential. Through our database, we hold the ability to link our partners to leaders with the relevant skills, languages and competencies to operate in today’s global market.